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Vormaxlens Monocle

Pre-order. Production within 3 months.


Vormaxlens monocle 90 mm F/2.8 Art Lomography M42 is enclosed in a metal case. The diameter of the front lens is 60 mm (filter - 67mm). It fits both full frame and cropped cameras. It has an adjustable aperture and focus. A macro ring is included in the kit for short-range shooting.

It is excellent for artistic photography. The desired effect is soft, slightly blurred contours and slightly reduced contrast. Due to spherical and chromatic aberrations, a glowing outline remains around the objects being taken. The image remains sharp, so even at high magnification, the image will also remain clearly distinguishable.

It is widely used for portrait photography – due to the softening effect, facial skin imperfections become less noticeable, and black-and-white portraits acquire a retro style. When shooting landscapes, unusual effects such as haze or fog are achieved. When shooting a still life, the image becomes light and weightless.

Length - 62mm, diameter - 67mm, weight - 135g

If you order 3 or more pieces, and also if you want to check compatibility with your setup, please contact us.

Vormaxlens Monocle

Worldwide shipping

Tracked delivery from 2 weeks to 2 months

Tracked delivery within 5-7 days

Vormaxlens Monocle

We ship the item by airmail with registered tracking number.

Attention!!! Upon receipt of the goods, be SURE to check the integrity of the packaging and the absence of damage to the goods. If there is damage, do NOT TAKE the goods from the postal operator, write the reason for refusal. It is the CARRIER responsible for delivering the goods!!!!


If you have any problems with your purchase, please contact us. We appreciate our clients and all problems can be solved.

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