Cine Anamorphic mod Helios 44 58mm f/2.0 beautiful bokeh


Production time - 2-3 day.


Helios 44m

Focal length: 58mm

Relative aperture: 1:2

Scale of diaphragms: from 2 to 16

Diaphragm: Manual

Focusing range: from 0.5m to 20m to infinity 


The f/2.0 aperture of this Helios camera lens helps you capture clear photos even in low light.  This Helios camera lens is recommended for close-ups and even on DSLR bodies. Can work with cinema cameras. This helios 44 have anamorphic bokeh and flare prime cine lens with neutral(blue/green/red) color and oval diaphragm. They deliver beautiful horizontal flares and oval bokeh and in the same time preserve natural(blue/green/red) color of footage, so you can shoot low light and daylight scenes without any color correction issues.

Does not compress the image, only creates anamorphic-like effects.