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Online store "" offers individuals to conclude a contract on the terms of the offer.



  • Seller – Vormaxlens® Individual entrepreneur Voronina Natalya Vitalyevna (Legal address: 155043, Ivanovo region, Teykovo, Nedelina st., 9, 54, tel.: 8 (910) 998 74 43, email:

  • Buyer – an individual who accepted the offer on the terms of the public offer.

  • Offer – this document (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement), which is an official offer of the seller to any individual who has the legal capacity and the necessary authority to conclude a contract of sale of goods with the seller on the terms defined in this offer and contains all the essential terms of the agreement.

  • Acceptance – the buyer's full and Unconditional acceptance of the terms of the agreement. Acceptance is the fact that the buyer places an order for the product offered by the seller. Placing an order means that the buyer accepts (agrees) to the terms of this agreement in full without any restrictions, exceptions, reservations or exceptions.

  • Product – a product whose assortment list is presented on the seller's website.

  • Order – the buyer's intention to purchase the selected product, expressed by filling out an electronic form provided on the seller's website.

  • Delivery – services for the delivery of goods to the address specified by the buyer.

  • Website – a set of electronic resources available for viewing by customers on the Internet at


2. GENERAL provisions.

2.1. The seller and the buyer guarantee that they have the necessary legal and legal capacity, as well as all the rights and powers necessary and sufficient for the conclusion and execution of the retail purchase and sale agreement.

2.2. By ordering goods through the online store, the buyer agrees to the terms of the agreement set out below.

2.3. The relations between the buyer and seller, the provisions of the Civil Code (including the regulations on retail sales (§ 2 Chapter 30), the RF Law "On protection of consumer rights" from 07.02.1992 № 2300-1, Rules for the sale of goods by remote means, approved By decree of the government of the Russian Federation No. 612 of 27.09.2007 and other legal acts adopted in accordance with them.

2.4. The Seller reserves the right to make changes to this agreement, and therefore, the buyer undertakes to regularly monitor changes in the agreement posted on the website in the FAQ section.

2.5. The Seller familiarizes the buyer with this agreement by placing it on the main page of the site in the "FAQ" section, select "Public offer". Before placing an order in the online store, the buyer undertakes to familiarize himself with the content and conditions set out in this agreement, as well as with other conditions specified on the website of the online store, including the product prices set in the online store.
The seller may require from buyer confirmation with this agreement by putting a mark in the column "conditions of the public offer agreement have read and agree" when placing your Order by filling in the electronic order form, or in other ways not contradicting the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

2.6. The current version of the agreement is available on the website of the online store.


3.1. The subject of the contract: sale of goods via the website

3.2. The Seller transfers, and the buyer accepts and pays for the goods under the terms of this agreement at the prices specified in the product description on the corresponding page of the seller's website on the date of placing the order.

3.3. The contract is considered concluded from the moment of payment by the buyer.

3.4. Prices for goods are determined by the Seller in a unilateral undisputed manner and are indicated on the pages of the online store located at the Internet address:

3.5. The Price of the product is indicated in Dollar of the USA. The price of the product does not include the Commission of banks and payment systems. The client pays the Commission himself and at his own expense. You can find out the Commission when paying for a purchase.

3.6. The product presented on the site is accompanied by photo images that are the property of the seller. The image and price of the product, information about its availability, size, possible colors, and product composition are listed on the seller's website.

3.7. If the buyer has any questions regarding the properties and characteristics of the product, before entering into the contract, the buyer has The right to consult the contacts listed on the website.

3.8. The product may have minor differences from the image presented on the site in color, shape, size or other parameters.

3.9. The Sale of goods in accordance with the terms of the agreement is carried out in real time (around the clock). The seller has the right to change the price of the product and information about its availability at any time at its discretion. After the buyer places an order, the price of the goods specified in the order cannot be changed.



4.1. The order of goods is made by the buyer independently using the service of the seller's website.

4.2. When placing an order, the buyer must provide the following information:

  • last name, first name, patronymic (in English);

  • actual delivery address of the product;

  • email address;

  • contact phone number;

  • product name, article, quantity, price of the product;

  • additional information is at the buyer's discretion.



5.1. Pre-payment by Bank card at self-checkout on the merchant website made by the buyer one of the following ways:

- through transaction to pay for goods using the cards in order, established by the current legislation of the Russian Federation and the agreement between the credit institution that issued the card and the buyer;

- by performing operations with electronic funds in accordance with Federal law No. 161-FZ of 27.06.2011. 

5.2. The fact of receipt of payment for the order by the buyer is confirmed by the seller by sending an electronic receipt to the buyer's email address specified when placing the order.

5.3. There is a possibility of refusal of the payment system when purchasing in the store. If you have any questions, please contact the PayPal support center. It is also possible system to refuse to sell without justifying the reasons. When there are a lot of refusals from purchases or purchases of a dubious nature occur.


6.1. The product that is in stock is sent within 5 days from the moment of placing the order.

6.2. Delivery of goods paid for by pre-order (marked "pre-Order") is made within 40 days (the exact time of sending can be found by phone, email, or social networks. networks specified on the main page of the site).

6.3. The goods are delivered by Russian Post to the specified post office in 20-60 days, or by Boxberry or DHL transport company (the delivery method is agreed with the buyer).

6.4. The carrier (Post office) is responsible for the delivery time and the absence of damage to the goods during delivery.

6.5. Upon delivery of the goods, the buyer must check the integrity of the external packaging of the parcel.

6.6. The right of ownership of the goods, as well as the risk of accidental loss or damage pass to the buyer upon receipt of the goods by the buyer.

6.7. The order is considered delivered at the time of its transfer to the buyer. By accepting the product, the buyer confirms the execution of the order.


7.1. The return of goods is carried out in accordance with the rules for the sale Of goods by remote means, approved by the decree Of the government of the Russian Federation of September 27, 2007 and The law "On consumer protection".

7.2. The return of the goods is made by the buyer by sending a postal item in the form of a parcel to the seller's address: Voronina Natalya Vitalyevna, 117 Lezhnevskaya st., Off.427, Ivanovo, 153035, Russia. Return of goods with the condition of cash on delivery is not allowed. If the buyer violates this condition, the seller is released from the obligation to receive this shipment and pay for the funds.

7.3. For a refund send an email to and specify the number and date of order phone contact. If you want to return a defective product, attach a photo to the email that clearly shows the marriage. Our employee will contact you within 24 hours. If these conditions are met, we will refund or replace the product within 3 business days.

7.4. Return of goods of proper quality.

The buyer has the right to refuse such goods within 14 days after receiving them.

Return of goods of good quality is possible if its trade dress, consumer properties, not damaged factory packaging, saved the document confirming the fact and conditions of purchase of this product.

The costs associated with the return of goods of proper quality are borne by the buyer.

If the buyer refuses the goods, the seller is obliged to return to the buyer the amount paid in accordance with the agreement, no later than 10 days from the date of the buyer's submission of the corresponding claim, provided that the returned goods are received by the seller.

7.5. Return of goods of inadequate quality

In respect of goods received with defects, the buyer has the right to submit claims to the seller, within 20 days from the date of its receipt.

The return shipment of the product is initially made at the buyer's expense. After you receive the goods and confirm any of the alleged defects caused through no fault of the buyer, the seller shall reimburse the cost not later than 10 days from the date of the purchaser so requires, subject to the receipt of the returned goods to the warehouse of the seller.

7.6. In the event of complaints, pre-trial dispute resolution procedure is mandatory. Send an email to The seller will review the claim and respond to You within 3 business days.

7.7. If the agreement does not work, the disputes referred to the Arbitration court of the city Ivanovo.




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