Production time - 2 weeks


The projection anamorphic adapter is suitable for projection of widescreen video.

It is made in a metal case with combined optics - glass and polymer. The compression ratio is within 1.3x. The lenses do not have multi-illumination, a neutral coating is applied.

The diameter of the front light filter Vormascope 1.3x - 77 mm. These adapters are more suitable for a projector, not for video shooting. The adapter changes the aspect ratio to 1.3x. That is, from an old 4:3 office projector, you can pull the standard aspect ratio to almost 16:9. If you have a 16:9 projector, pull up the image to the movie standard of almost 2.1:1. If you rotate the adapter 90 degrees on the 16:9 projector, the image will narrow to 4:3, and you will be able to watch old movies.

The anamorphic adapter works with many projectors. Vignetting can occur at slightly wide angles with a closely spaced screen on a large projector sensor. If the front filter of the projector lens rotates, then the anamorphic adapter must be installed on the rig next to the lens. The anamorphic adapter must not rotate during projection, otherwise the horizontal compression ratio will change.

It is necessary to use a very clear and sharp projector lens - an anamorphic adapter significantly reduces the depth of field (makes it difficult to focus), slightly blurs the image, blurs at the edges.

This adapter has a 67mm mount. Adapter rings can be used for installation on the projector.

If the diameter of the front lens of the projector exceeds 72 mm, the adapter may not be suitable (it is necessary to measure the diameter of the front lens, not the mounting).


The adapter does not have a clamping ring included.

Projector anamorphic adapter Vormascope 1.3x rev.2