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Vormaxlens adapter

M42 to Arri PL mount


Worldwide shipping

This adapter is made of steel, it allows you to focus indefinitely.

This adapter allows use some lenses with M42 mounting with outer diameter near screw mount up to 52.60mm and depth of this part from 8.60mm on cameras with Arri PL mount.

This adapter dimensions are from the side of M42 mount and you must check if exact this adapter will fit with your M42 lens.

Actually, not every lens will fit it since it is necessary to recess the adapter into PL mount to match FFD (to allow infinity focus). So, you'll be able to install any lens that is narrow enough in rear part - less than 53mm diameter.

This 53mm is maximum that can be achieved for this type of adapters.


There are cut-outs on all 4 bayonet lugs to provide 4 mounting positions (you may want to position a lens' index mark to different side for assistant job, for example).

Weight - 60g.

If you have any questions, please contact us.


Tracked delivery from 2 weeks to 2 months


We ship the item by airmail with registered tracking number.


Attention!!! Upon receipt of the goods, be SURE to check the integrity of the packaging and the absence of damage to the goods. If there is damage, do NOT TAKE the goods from the postal operator, write the reason for refusal. It is the CARRIER responsible for delivering the goods!!!!


If you have any problems with your purchase, please contact us. We appreciate our clients and all problems can be solved.

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