You can pay for purchases using your PayPal account. 
Log in to your PayPal account via the pop-up window, select a payment method from your PayPal account or Bank card, and confirm your purchase.


You can also pay using your Credit Card, Qiwi Wallet, Web money, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay via button "Checkout".

Payment security is provided by PayPal.
PayPal does not transfer your card details to the store or other third parties.



Delivery is carried out worldwide. On any page of our site at the bottom, you can check the track number and current delivery status.


  Express delivery via DHL Express (within 5-10 days)

Express delivery via Boxberry (within 10-14 days)

Economy delivery via Russian Post (within 1-2 months)


After sending it, an ID is sent to Your email address, which you can use to track the movement of the order. The parcel arrives at the warehouse of the transport company, you must have your passport with you to receive it.


Attention! Depending on the legislation of your country, import duties may apply. Please check this in your country in advance. You can pay customs duties upon receipt of the goods (if it is necessary).


You can check the delivery dates and track the movement of goods on the official website


When receiving, pay attention to the appearance of the parcel. Please refuse to receive a damaged order, or ask a transport company employee to open it. Recommend that when you receive a check weight, it must be declared.