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35mm  ideal for widescreen video shooting. As well as on other systems that require the size and weight of the installed equipment. Made in a metal body. Only glass schoot bk7. The lens is lighter - f2.8, shorter. sharp and more reliable than the other version.

The lenses have a multi-lightening, anti-reflective or other coating. The diameter of the anamorphic adapter is 79 mm. The diameter of the front lens is 75 mm. The front thread for the light filter is 77 mm. You can install any filters 77 mm, for shooting very close objects you can use macro filters. Contraction coefficient of about 1.33x.

The adapter may have structural differences that do not affect the main characteristics.

The adapter use only on sony e-mount cameras. 

Most of clarity occurs at a distance of 10 meters to 20 meters. Depending on the optical design of the taking lens at a distance closer than 2 meters may need diopters +0.3/+0.5. If necessary, close-range shooting, if there are no diopters – you can clamp the diaphragm of the taking lens. The sharpness at infinity is in acceptable quality.

This is a prototype of the future lenses, they are has frayed and processing traces. The lenses are clean and no scratches.

Examples of videos are in YouTube and Vimeo.

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Tracked standard delivery from 2 week to a month

An order for the production of a large number of filters (than available) adds 1 month to manufacture from date of purchase.

You can also order filters with the desired characteristics and diopter.

On eBay is more expensive by shipping

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Usually, the delivery time in the EU - 14-21 days ( in Italy and Germany may take longer) USA, Canada, 15-30 days, another world - 20-40 days. In very rare cases it can be more due to postal issues, customs inspections or delays on weekends and holidays. I also do not provide refund in case of slow delivery.